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The song and the devotional below are totally free as a way to celebrate the launch of my new site. I simply want to bless you!

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In the Morning Light copy.jpg

When I wrote this song, I was moved by a beautiful sunrise. As I gazed on the water, I felt God's tender presence in a very real way. The picture on the cover is one I snapped on my phone to capture the beauty of the moment.


I was at my friend's cabin in South Dakota getting some much-needed rest, and God spoke to my heart in the sunlight dancing on the waves like diamonds. I was in a hard season, and this moment encouraged me to keep going. It was one of those precious times when God feels like he's right there beside you.


My prayer is that as you listen to the song, you will close your eyes and picture God singing the words over you and your circumstances. Picture him calling out your name and inviting you to draw near to him.


I hope the devotions I've included will help you as well as I take the lyrics a little deeper. My desire is that they will help you realize that you are not alone, God is waiting for you In the Morning Light!


Blessings, my friend!


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