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I will do my absolute best to make your event a success! I tailor my presentations to fit your event and your goals. I infuse music into my speaking, which makes it much more entertaining and memorable. My job is to make you look good and leave your audience inspired to be all God created them to be! I typically write a song to go along with your theme, which is my special sauce. I am passionate about sharing the love and grace of Jesus with others!

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God Is For Me

God Is For Me

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Jill's Speaking Style


Writing the Song of Your Life

Imagine you’re sitting on the deck having a cookout with your friends and the song of your life starts playing on the radio. Your life is a song, and it’s playing for world to hear. Do you want to turn it up or turn it off? Do you like how it sounds, or is it time to do some rewriting? Are you singing the song God has given you to sing, or are you singing a solo?

In this fun, uplifting message, Jill explores how we can tap into our God-given creativity, listen to our inspiration, and take the risks necessary to sing the unique song God has given each of us to sing. We will explore how we can live our lives with clarity and purpose, understanding that God has created us on purpose for a purpose, and it’s up to us to live out that purpose. When we are singing the song God has written just for us, we can be assured the song of our life will be a hit!

Get Real

Are you tired of the perception that if we are Christians our lives will somehow be perfect? Do you think you’ll be genuinely happy when you get that perfect new house, car, spouse, whatever? This presentation takes an honest and often humorous look at life as Jill dispels some of the myths of the “perfect” life! She will inspire and encourage your audience to get real with themselves, get real with others, and get real with God by taking a journey that explores the truth that the more deeply we realize our thirst and disappointments with life, the more we realize how desperately we need to pursue God’s living water. Contrary to what the secular world would have us believe, true peace and happiness come through living in authentic community with God, ourselves, and others.

Bless It or Block It!

Jill will explore the idea of letting go of our own agendas to truthfully seek out God’s will and purpose for our lives. Only by seeking His guidance, with hearts open to the idea that we might not get what we think we want or need, can we truly walk in faith. God calls us to submit to His plan and purpose and honestly lay our lives at His feet, getting our personal wants and desires out of the way. This presentation is all about surrendering to God’s will and learning how to celebrate the “No’s” in life as well as the “Yes’s”!

When Mountains Don’t Move! - A Journey through Infertility and Adoption

In this presentation, Jill shares her personal journey through infertility and adoption. Based on Matthew 17:10, “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there, and it will move,’” Jill shares her personal heartache of infertility (and the mountain that wouldn’t move!) and the overwhelming joy of adoption. She will dispel some of the myths about both and help you become more compassionate and understanding regarding these issues. Blessed with two adoptive sons and two step-sons, she’ll make you laugh as she shares what living in a house with all that testosterone is like!

Jill connects instantly with her audiences as she speaks from the heart, and her music allows her words to come to life in a deeper, more powerful way. Through her storytelling, music and lots of laughter, Jill shares openly and honestly about the joys in her life as well as the struggles she has faced...all with energy and honesty that is uniquely Jill! Some of those struggles include infertility, adoption, dealing with the devastation of divorce, step-parenting and her father's battle with dementia.

Jill is available for women's conference, retreats, special events, Sunday morning or evening services, Celebrate Recovery meetings, and any event that needs some teaching, laughter, and music!

Jill is a certified speaker with the John Maxwell Team!




I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!


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