A Little Good News!

A Little Good News!

Blog – 10-24-18

I have some really good news that I need to share with you before I burst! My co-writers, Robert and Jimmy, and I have gotten our song, “King of Kings,” published with a major publisher. This is the deal that I have been waiting, praying, hoping and believing for!

A few weeks ago I was in Sioux Falls with all of my sisters, my sister-in-law and my Mom. There were seven of us trying to pick out material for a gown my sister Peggy will be making me for my Christmas show. You can imagine how crazy that whole process was with seven of us giving our opinions. It was hilarious! We were in the material store for over two and a half hours.

In the midst of our costume debate, I received the call from Robert. As he told me the good news, I started jumping up and down in the fabric store like a crazy woman. People were staring!

Robert told me we had a deal with the biggest choral publisher in the world, and he said the biggest choral producer in the world will be doing the arrangement. They are talking about using the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on the song, along with some pretty huge artists that I don’t want to name because I don’t want to jinx it! To say I’m excited is an understatement!

The thing is, I knew from the minute God gave me the title “King of Kings” over five years ago that this was going to be my breakout song. I can’t explain it, but I just knew in my spirit it was going to be special. I knew the song had to be big, and I knew I needed help writing it. God orchestrated every step of the project, bringing Jimmy Nichols to the front of my mind to produce it, then our decision to write some of the songs for the project together, and then his idea to bring Robert White-Johnson into the co-writing process. I felt God’s hand on every step of the journey.

When we recorded the song at the beautiful Starstruck Studios in Nashville, there was magic in the air. The Holy Spirit was heavy, and we were all worshipping in the control booth as we listened back to the song, even those who aren’t believers. It was powerful!

But to put this in perspective for you, all of this started over five years ago! We began the writing process in 2013. The CD was recorded and released in 2015. So a ton of time has passed since that initial excitement.

Honestly, I was getting frustrated with the waiting, and I trusted the Holy Spirit promptings I felt this summer to do a live music video for the song at my Christmas show. I met with Robert and Jimmy numerous times on my trips to Nashville, and they got super excited about the idea. They lined me up with a videographer from Nashville, who will be coming up for the show, and they agreed to fly up to Sioux City as well.

Talking about the video project prompted Robert, who has had No. 1 songs already and has tons of contacts, to reconnect with the people he had initially reached out to about the song, and this time they jumped on it. It only took 3 ½ years!

I try not to be self-promoting in these blogs, so forgive me, but I truly want to encourage you to come to the show this year if you live in the Sioux City area. It’s going to be amazing! It will be November 30th at 7:00 p.m. at the Sioux City Orpheum Theatre. We are going to have the Heelan Madrigal Choir singing on the song, members of the Sioux City Symphony Orchestra, and Robert and Jimmy as well. Plus, you will be part of a legit music video with a crew from Nashville. It’s going to rock!

And as always, I’ve learned some pretty valuable lessons in all of this: my timing is not God’s timing, and I can never let go of my hope in seasons of waiting.

I would ask for something else from you, my friend. Would you please pray for this song and this video project. Prayer is powerful, and I would SO appreciate your willingness to join me in this. There are a lot of pieces that need to fall into place to make this happen, including funding, but I know this is important. I honestly feel this song and the video will bring thousands of people to Christ!

If you’re willing to come alongside me in prayer, please hit reply to this email and let me know you’re willing to pray. I will send you updates as we go so you know exactly what we are in need of prayer for.

I’ve included a link below for tickets to the show if you want to order them online. They will also be available at the door.

And thanks for letting me share my good news!

Hugs and love,


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