All I Did Was Worship!

A new year, a fresh start, a new beginning. When I get that brand new calendar out (okay, I’m old school!) for the new year, there’s always a sense of excitement and anticipation for me. I love my fresh new pages with nothing crossed out, no plans cancelled, a clean slate!

But how do we keep that excitement going? Reality is, the excitement of the New Year doesn’t usually last very long.

This morning I was deep in prayer, and I was asking God all kinds of questions about where He wants me to go this year. One area I know I want to grow in during 2022 is making sure I’m going exactly where He is directing me and not where my emotions and past experiences are trying to take me. I was trying very, very hard to stay focused and listen, but my mind kept racing in a million different directions.

In the midst of what was starting to feel like a failed attempt at quiet time, I felt prompted to let go of all the questions and simply praise Him.

So I did!

I stopped all the questions, released the concerns and worries that were racing through my head, and simply entered into His glorious presence. I got down on my knees, with my face on the floor, and I humbled myself before Him and lifted words of praise.

I felt prompted again and again to pray the Lord’s prayer, and what peace I found in the powerful prayer Jesus himself taught us to pray. As I took my time and thought about each and every word, I found new resolve filling my soul. I felt refreshed and renewed.

Father, thy will be done. THY WILL BE DONE! Not mine…YOURS!

When I got up from my sweet time of worship, my soul felt lighter and my heart was full. Full of peace. Full of love. Full of joy. God had done the filling when I simply took the time to enter into worship.

I didn’t get a specific answer to the myriad of questions my mind had been racing through, but I am reminded of a better way to pray now. Four simple words…Thy will be done.

I also have a renewed sense of peace and resolve that He will give me directions as I go, as long as I stay connected to Him and keep reminding myself of those simple words.

Is your heart a little like mine, my friend? Are you afraid to make plans because you don’t know if this year will be crazy like the last two years have been? Are you tired of making plans and then having to scratch them off because of situations completely out of your control? Are you already finding the excitement of the new year wearing off?

I get it. Believe me, I get it!

But let me encourage you. The next time you feel your mind racing out of control when you are trying to focus on Him, maybe the best course of action is to simply stop and worship.

Worship changes the atmosphere of our hearts and minds. It points us in the direction we need to go…towards our Heavenly Father, our Prince of Peace, Immanuel, God with us!

When we allow the time and space to connect with Him on a deep level, it reignites our enthusiasm and our resolve and gives us the strength we need to take those steps towards our goals and desires.

Today I feel empowered. Today I feel confident. At least for this moment.

And all I did was worship!

Hugs and love,


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