Blog – 2-1-17

As you read this blog, I literally will be in the studio in Nashville recording a brand new CD project. It’s 12 songs written for each of the 12 steps in recovery programs, written with my good friend Rachel Barrentine. The songs have already touched people in powerful ways, and Rachel and I anticipate God using this project to truly change lives.

The CD will hopefully be completed and in our hands by April…I know, it takes a while! A lot of you are waiting with great anticipation, and we will do our best to keep it moving forward as quickly as possible.

As I head to the studio, I can’t help but reflect again on how anointed this project has felt from the very beginning. From the writing process to where we are today, I have felt God’s hand every step of the way.

I marvel at how my wonderful friends from Nashville, Ann and Randy Dorman, heard Rachel sing and just knew we needed to meet so they set up a co-writing appointment so that could happen.

I smile as I think about how after that writing appointment, Rachel told me her idea about a new project. She asked if I would be interested, and I instantly said yes! I inherently knew I HAD to be involved. There was no doubt in my mind God wanted me to do this.

I feel intense gratitude as I think about how much fun Rachel and I had writing the songs and how strongly we felt the presence of the Holy Spirit during our writing sessions.

My jaw still drops as I recall a short, 15-minute conversation that resulted in the project getting funded. That was totally, 100 percent, undeniably God! My heart is full of gratitude to Mercy Medical Foundation for funding this project!

I feel grateful as I think about our concert in Wichita last weekend and the woman who shared with me through her tears that the songs softened her hardened heart and touched a very wounded part of her soul.

God is setting something up here, friends. I feel His mighty hand at work, and I eagerly await His next big move.

My soul is filled with a deep sense of anticipation.

I anticipate the Holy Spirit being present in the studio today. I anticipate the fabulous musicians who will be playing the songs making them sound bigger than life. I anticipate God’s hand will continue to be on this project as we move forward with publicity and promotion.

More than anything, I anticipate the songs ministering to wounded souls. Rachel and I’s prayer is that they give people hope and encouragement on their journey and lead people to the feet of Jesus and true freedom.

I have a confidence I rarely possess that God will supernaturally allow these songs to reach the hurting and broken people they are designed to reach…which is really all of us! I anticipate these songs getting places I can’t even imagine because God has taken us farther than I imagined already.

Isn’t that truly what faith is about? We are called to do what God calls us to do and then anticipate that He absolutely will work in the midst of our obedience. We don’t have to have things figured out and packed away in neat little boxes before we begin. We just need to begin! When Rachel and I started writing this project, we had no idea if the songs would ever get anywhere. Honestly, most of the songs we write don’t. That’s the nature of what we do.

Yet anticipation runs through my veins. This entire project has felt like an act of obedience, and I anticipate being amazed by what God will do with it.

I pray when you feel those God promptings in your life that you will act in obedience and anticipate wonderful things as well!

Hugs and love,


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