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Choose Patience

Choose Patience

Blog – 10-10-18

In keeping with our Choose theme, I want to discuss something that honestly isn’t always easy for me – patience! I have shared my struggles with patience in this blog before as I’ve discussed different situations such as flying and Wal-Mart. We can all agree that Wal-Mar truly warrants an extra dose of patience, right!

Truth is, some of us are wired with more patience than others, there’s no doubt about that. I have been blessed with people in my life like my Dad who modeled amazing patience. I have wonderful memories of him taking us kids fishing so many years ago. I remember the patience he displayed as he got one kid out of a snag and then another and baited one hook and then another. He never got upset and simply took care of things as he needed to.

Unfortunately, that trait wasn’t passed on to me! But I’m learning more and more that just because patience doesn’t come as naturally to me as it did for him, it’s still something I can choose to improve upon.

When we filmed the Choose Chat video in Nashville last month, God revealed to me something I had totally missed up until then. The greatest role model of all, Jesus, modeled patience in a beautiful way. Jesus waited 30 years to step into his ministry. 30 years! He was, as they say, born ready! He knew scripture, he knew God’s heart, he knew what he was supposed to do, but he waited.

He chose to be patient until God told him it was time.

Wow! Let that sink into your heart, my friend. Jesus himself had to be patient. The Savior of the World had to wait.

The Bible doesn’t give us many details about his season of waiting, but I’m sure it looked a lot different than our seasons of waiting do. I bet he wasn’t grumbling to God and complaining. I’m certain he didn’t argue with God and say, “Come on. I’m ready to go! Let’s do this thing already!” I’m positive his heart didn’t grow hard because of it.

No, that wouldn’t be what Jesus did. I’m certain he simply trusted his Father’s plan and perfect timing and spent his season of waiting glorifying his Father. He lived a blameless, perfect life in the midst of waiting.

I wish I could say that. But in the midst of waiting, I’m usually complaining, grumbling, doubting, and losing faith. I start thinking I heard God wrong or I’m not doing something right or there’s a reason for the delay. Sometimes I pout like that little girl who went fishing with her Daddy used to do so well.

I’m a slow learner sometimes, but I am learning that even though patience is not my best quality, I can absolutely choose to improve on it. I can choose to stay faithful during the waiting. I can choose to let the seasons of in-between deepen my faith instead of destroy it. I can choose to trust that God is in control and the waiting is good for me.

Truth is, God is never late. He may feel late in our timetable, but He NEVER EVER is.

I hope you will take the time, my friend, to watch the video below. My co-writer, Rachel Barrentine, joined Laura and I on this topic, and there are some great spiritual nuggets in it. Plus Rachel and Laura just make me laugh!

And when you’re in a season of waiting, remind yourself, you’re in good company. Jesus had to wait 30 years!

Hugs and love,


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