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Chorus of Creation

4-30-20 A simple drive to the grocery story on Monday led me to some interesting insights. First of all, I used to absolutely detest going to the grocery store. Maybe it’s because I felt like I went every day when all four boys were in the house with us, but I’ve always kind of dreaded it. It felt like an absolute chore. Since I haven’t been out of my house or around people very much, like most of you, I was actually excited to go to the store, mask and all! Then on the way home, I decided to take a different route. I “took the long way home” as the song says. As I looked around at the neighborhoods I was driving through, they were quiet. People were inside. There wasn’t a lot of traffic. There was a weird calm. But one thing struck me. Spring is here. The trees are sprouting fresh new leaves. Flowers are pushing their heads up out of the ground. Grass is turning green. What looked dead is coming back to life. It’s as if creation is crying out, “Your life may feel like it’s on hold right now, but we are still going strong. COVID-19 can’t stop us from doing what we do. Life goes on!” My quarantine-crazy soul needed that reminder. Maybe yours does too. It reminded me of a song I wrote in Nashville in March, right before all this craziness hit. It’s called “Chorus of Creation,” and it was written with Jonathan and Keagan Denney, two extremely talented young men. They are full of energy and love for Jesus, and they were an absolute joy to write with. The inspiration for the song came from Psalm 65, The Passion Translation. Verse 8 reads: O God, to the farthest corners of the planet people will stand in awe, startled and stunned by your signs and wonders. Sunrise brilliance and sunset beauty both take turns singing their songs of joy to you. Coronavirus has stopped so many things in our lives, but it hasn’t stopped God’s creation from springing forth in new life. It hasn’t stopped God from moving in miraculous ways. It hasn’t stopped love from being alive and well. Maybe it’s time for us to sit back and listen to what the chorus of creation is trying to tell us. Maybe it’s time for us to join in the song that they’re already singing and notice the little things. Maybe it’s time to rejoice in the simple ways God reveals to us that life goes on.  The words to the song are below, and you can also listen to the demo Jonathan and Keagan made of the song by clicking the download link. You will love their voices! I pray as you listen and read the words that your hope will be renewed that life, indeed, does go on. May your day be blessed as you celebrate and join in with the Chorus of Creation! Hugs and love, Jill Chorus of Creation Words and music by Jonathan Denney, Keagan Denney and Jill Miller Verse 1: I hear it at the top of the mountains I hear it in the depths of the oceans I hear it in the roaring of a waterfall  I see it in the stars of the night sky I feel it in the breeze blowing on by I feel it in the moment I feel nothing at all Chorus: Sunrise brilliance, sunset beauty Take turns singing songs of praise Wheat fields golden, grazing meadows Even silence lifts Your name Every living creature stands in awe Overwhelmed by who you are Verse 2: When thunder’s rolling, chasing after lightening When every moment feels a little frightening When every plan I’m laying out is going wrong I listen to the chorus of creation I’m moving to the sounds that they’re making With every breath I’m joining in and singing your song Bridge: We’re dancing to the rhythm  Of the life you’ve given Everything under the sun You, the mountain maker Oh, horizon painter  You’re the Pure and Shining One

Listen to the song here – Chorus of Creation

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