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Enough is ENOUGH!

Blog – 5-29-20

Enough is ENOUGH!

I had another blog started to send out today, but I read this on Facebook and just had to share it with you instead.

My heart absolutely hurts right now with all that is happening in Minneapolis. Racism is alive and well, and it grieves the heart of God.

As believers, it should grieve us as well.

Let this poem speak the words I can’t even say right now. PLEASE READ THIS!

Hugs and love,



Silent lips and blinded eyes Keeps truth shrouded in evil’s lies When and how did the color of our skin Determine the life we’d be living in?

God created all races equal We’re all His children, all God’s people! A timeless sin cloaked in prideful ambition Stripes on their backs, men enslaving men.

What a travesty that this earth has born Countless generations cursed and scorned While God in heaven grieves and mourns Watching His family being choked and torn.

We set boundaries that can’t be crossed Where the wrong side of the tracks is lost Glass ceilings and crystal walls secured Lines of justice are continually blurred.

Oh church of Christ where do you stand? He died for all races, there’s proof in His hands! We are called to be the bearers of light! Our torches lead us into the darkest of nights!

For it is only when evil is confronted with love That division ceases, enough is enough! We are called to speak out and expose lies Confronting all evil with the power of Christ!

Racism ends when forgiveness begins And men see all men as brothers and kin And we as the church must fight till that end If this world we share is to ever mend.

Bob Blankenship 5-27-20

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