Love Always Wins

Blog – 8-12-15

Love Always Wins

First of all, let me say sorry for being a day late with this blog. I have a good reason however. Tuesday, the day I usually write this blog, was my 10-year anniversary. I spent the day on the lake in Yankton, South Dakota, with my husband. I figured you would understand!

As we sat on the lake and enjoyed an absolutely perfect day,

A perfect day on the lake!

August 11, 2015 A Perfect Day

we spent a lot of time reflecting on our last 10 years. We can’t believe how fast it has gone. As they say, time flies by when you’re having fun! It hasn’t all been rainbows and laughter by any means, but there’s been one key foundation to our marriage that was sorely lacking in my first marriage…Jesus Christ is at the center of it and faith is our foundation.

I honestly don’t know how marriages survive without faith at the core. There are so many struggles and hurdles to overcome in every marriage; and without God guiding and directing our steps, marriage has an incredibly high chance of ending in failure.

As I reflected on our marriage, of course a song came to my mind. I wrote a song called “Love Always Wins” a while back for a sermon series at our church. I re-read the chapter in my book I had written about that song, and I felt led to share a little bit of it with you today. In the chapter I gave the top five lessons I’ve leaned about marriage, partly from going through a marriage that didn’t work. Here’s one of the five lessons I discussed:

No. 1: Faith has to be at the center of your marriage. I just don’t see it working any other way. If faith is not at the center, a marriage will eventually self-destruct. It may take a year or two or ten or even twenty like my first marriage, but it will probably derail at one point or another. Our pastor always says that God needs to be our Number 1 and our spouse needs to be our Number 2. We also need to seek our Number 1 with our Number 2!

I can truthfully say that that is what John and I are trying to do, seek God together. We don’t always do it perfectly, of course, and we have had lots of bumps along the way just like everyone does. However, living our lives for Christ is truly our ultimate goal. We both want to live our faith out together and seek God’s will in all things.

The sweetest part of that quest is when we pray together. John and I have found that our deepest connection comes when we pour our hearts out together in communication with our Heavenly Father. There’s something that happens when you pray out loud together, and it’s hard to put into words. I just know it’s those times that I feel the most connected to my husband, and my Savior as well.

God has shown me more and more over the years that it’s the little things that bring me the greatest joy…like spending a perfect day on the lake with my favorite guy. And when we keep God at the center of our marriages, Love Always Wins!


on the lake with my guy!

If you want to read more about my thoughts on marriage and the other four lessons I’ve learned along the way, please grab a copy of my book through my website or online at:

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Here’s a link to listen to the song, “Love Always Wins,” if you haven’t heard it. Enjoy!

Love Always Wins

Hugs and love,


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