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So much with so little!

Blog – 1-18-17

Isn’t this picture beautiful! It’s my favorite tree in our yard, a willow tree, transformed by yesterday’s ice storm into a fabulous work of art. When I saw it today, it absolutely took my breath away.

And the beauty didn’t end in my driveway.

As my husband and I drove to lunch, we saw how the ice storm transformed the landscape here in Iowa into awe-inspiring beauty. My jaw kept dropping as the horizon looked like something from a fairy tale. The sun was at the exact right angle to make the trees look like they were covered with exquisite crystals as the light glistened through the ice droplets clinging to their branches. Even the bromegrass in the ditches looked dazzling with its blanket of ice.

Today was John’s first outing in three weeks after his knee replacement surgery, so lunch out was a big deal, and the beauty we saw made our simple drive spectacular and added to the excitement.

And to think, all it took to create all that awesomeness was a little bit of water, some freezing temps, and the handiwork of our magnificent and mighty Creator!

Proof that God can do so much with so little.

A little water, a little cold weather, and a whole lot of beautiful.

I’ve driven by this tree a thousand times, and it’s never once looked like it did today.

God did that.

With a little touch of water.

God can do so much with so little!

“Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.” John 6:36-37

Jesus talks about how simple water, His living water to be exact, can transform us, just like it transformed my tree. And this water is available to anyone who is thirsty. We simply need to come and let it wash over us, like it did this willow tree.

Look and believe and trust that a little touch of water makes a huge difference!

How is God trying to add a little water to your life to make it beautiful?

Maybe He wants to add a little life-giving water to your marriage to help you see it as a work of art instead of a barren tree.

Maybe He wants to add a little water to your family to help you see the uniqueness in every member of your family, even the ones who don’t see life the way you do.

Maybe He wants to add a little water to your spiritual life so you can sparkle and shine like the drops of water on this tree.

When you feel small and inadequate, sure that you could never make a real difference in this world, look at this picture and remember how God transformed this willow tree with a little bit of water. His life-giving water can make that same transformation in you and in your life.

Then draw strength from the fact that God can do so much with so little!

Hugs and love,


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