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Blog – 7-20-18

This week I had to practice what I preach. My friend Sandy invited me to her cabin for a little retreat. Her and another friend were going to be doing some painting, and I originally thought I would go and cheer them on and write songs while they created their works of art. I had little or no interest, to be honest, in painting because I am simply not gifted with that kind of creativity. Art class terrified me in school! REALLY! I love creating with words, but visual arts are a huge struggle for me. I feel like I have two left thumbs.

As I saw what they had created before I arrived, however, my interest was piqued. Their paintings were so different and unique, and the process was fascinating. They were doing what’s called an acrylic pour, and it actually seemed like something I might be able to do since it doesn’t require the fine motor skills of traditional painting that I absolutely do not possess.

I speak all the time about how important it is to tap into our creativity, so I knew in my heart it was time to practice what I preach! I bought a canvas, chose the paint colors I liked, and dove in head first.

Sandy gently gave me instructions on the process and was very careful to let me choose exactly how I wanted to do it. She assured me there was no right or wrong way. I was SO nervous as I began pouring the paint into my cup. Would it turn out at all like my friend’s picture that I loved so much? Would I be able to move the paint around to the right spaces to make something interesting appear? What if it ended up just a total blob of yuck?

As I poured my paint on my canvas, magic started appearing! The colors went into shapes I hadn’t imagined they could, and I got extremely excited. I tried different ways of manipulating the paint, some failed, some worked, but I had a total blast! It didn’t look as good as Sandy’s did, but I was hooked!

The next day I bought another canvas, even bigger than the first, and tried a totally different method, something we saw on YouTube. It was easy, doable, and fun; and it was exhilarating to witness the paint come to life.

(The picture up above is actually what I created!)

There was something very soothing and calming about mixing the paints and watching how gravity and science work together to make the paint move in mysterious ways. Does heat and humidity affect its movement? Is the end result based on how thin your paint is? Why did it have what they call “cells” in some places and not in others? (Cells are the little circles of color you see up above, by the way, and they are really cool. You definitely want them!)

We googled those questions and got a wide variety of opinions and viewpoints, but no concrete answers. It was interesting and invigorating to think about and research something totally out of my normal wheelhouse.

And in the end, it didn’t really matter what the answer to those questions were because I came home recharged, refreshed, and renewed. It’s exactly what I’ve taught others will happen: Tapping into our creativity is SO good for our souls. When we tap into our creativity, we get a perspective change. We clear our minds. We see things in a new light.

Think about it, we are created by a creative God, and the bible tells us we are created in His image. That means we are ALL creative. Yes, even you! You may not be creative in an artistic sort of way, but you are creative. You are creative when you don’t even realize it. When you juggle a busy schedule, when you think of a way to streamline crazy parts of your life, when you come up with a new idea at work, when you think outside the box, all those tasks are ways that creativity comes to life in the everyday, mundane things we all do.

And every once in a while, I would encourage you to try something creative that is 100 percent outside of your comfort zone. Whatever that is for you. Have fun with it. Experience the thrill of tapping into a gift that’s hiding there deep inside you. Find joy in the simple act of creating.

God will smile when you do!

Hugs and love,


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