The Freedom Soundtrack

Blog  – 7-6-16

Freedom Soundtrack


A few months ago Rachel Barrentine ( and I had an idea to write a soundtrack for the 12- step freedom process. Separately we had both been sharing our stories and doing several concerts at various recovery groups. It seemed to us like there was a need where we could combine our creative juices to contribute.

We began our journey to write a song for each step. 12 songs. 12 steps. 12 opportunities to break free from addictions, bitterness, anxiety, depression, [enter your hangup here].

It was amazing how quickly the songs came. Rachel lives in Nashville, so when I would come to town I would stay with her and her husband Derrick at their home, the Barrentine Hotel, and we’d head upstairs into her studio, pray, and start writing. Every song feels Spirit-led and anointed.

God poured out His hand and favor, and we are now beginning the recording stage…

BUT…we need some moolah to make it happen.

The Freedom Soundtrack doesn’t feel like “my” project. It’s bigger than me. It feels like “our” project. It’s ultimately a set of tools in the tool bag for any hurt, habit or hangup (to borrow that phrase from Celebrate Recovery.) We all have issues in life. The ones I personally work through are perfectionism, codependency, and people pleasing.

What are yours?

Rachel and I are asking for your help for 2 reasons:

  1. Music isn’t free. We need to pay our workers/musicians fairly.

  1. We want to include you and invite you to be a part this kingdom work. It is God’s work, not just good work. We really believe these songs will change lives, and we think you should have an opportunity to be a part of that life-change process for somebody. We want you to invest your love, sweat, and tears too. As John Maxwell would say, “Team work makes the dream work.” And as I would say, “It’s more fun with more people!”

We have 3 action items for you this week:

  1. Check out the website: (And don’t miss the end of the video…it’s worth the laugh, I promise.)

  2. Consider contributing. The Paypal button is right there, and it’s a piece of cake to make a donation. Your donations are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE! If you can’t give anything financially, please say a prayer for the project right there! We’d love that.

  3. Share, share, share on social media about this project.

Big or small, everything counts.  Your donations, prayers, and shares make a difference!

PS – THANK YOU!!  You can hear a couple of the tunes on the website as well. Enjoy! Let us know what you think.

Hugs and love,



Sharing experience, strength and hope to touch, encourage and inspire lives!

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