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Grace Finds Wings' First Single "Investing  in  Eternity" Just Released!

My first single from the new CD has just been released! So excited to have this single playing across the country on Christian radio stations.   You can order your copy of my new CD through my website by clicking on the store button, and you can also download copies or order copies through I-Tunes or CD Baby.

When I sat down to write "Investing in Eternity," my heart and mind were focused on money and the incredible power it has in our lives.  It seems like we are forever chasing the almighty dollar, and no matter how much we accumulate, it never seems to be enough. I had found myself in the horrible trap of judging the success of my ministry on how much money I was making rather than on lives that I was touching for Christ. My husband's business was struggling with the slow retail market at the time as well, and money soon became all-encompassing, the center of everything.  My focus had gotten on all the wrong things, and I knew I needed to change it.  I knew I was not alone in these worries because we all hear the reports of how money and financial difficulties are the No. 1 cause of divorce and other stresses in our lives.  I didn't want to be in that spot for one minute more, and I wrote this song as my battle cry that I was not going to let money rule my life another day.  I was going to focus on God's plan for my life and how I could best serve Him and let go of the rest.

My hope and prayer is that this song will minister to others who find themselves struggling with financial worries and concerns.  We have SO MUCH more to invest our time and energy in.  We can all INVEST IN ETERNITY!


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