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Released November 1, 2014

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Grace Finds Wings, A Journey in Song

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Jill's first book, "Grace Finds Wings, A Journey in Song," is now available!  Ever

wonder how a professional songwriter and musician takes an idea, an inspiration, maybe nothing more than a simple melody. . .and turns it into music that you can't get out of your head?

Here, Jill walks you through the stories behind the songs on her latest CD, "Grace Finds Wings."  You'll find out what they mean to her, where they came from, and what it took to bring them to life.  You'll also learn how she embraced her own journey through:

  • infertility
  • adoption
  • divorce
  • her father's dementia
  • financial worries
  • day-to-day problems every believer struggles with

Her honest stories of faith will help you discover that

when you fall, Grace Finds Wings.





Watch Jill's Author Video Below!  You'll love it!

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