Snow Day!


Blog – 2-3-16

Snow Day!

As a kid, I loved snow days! We couldn’t wait to get out and go sledding and, most importantly, drink hot chocolate when we were done! It was a special day because it was a day off that wasn’t planned or in our schedule. I’m not sure my Mom enjoyed it as much as us kids did, but we thought it was the bomb!

As I write this, we are in the middle of a bona fide blizzard. We’ve had lots of snow in Iowa this year, but this is an actual blizzard with total whiteout conditions. Interstates around us are closed, and we are all being told not to leave our homes. I know some of you reading this may think I’m crazy, but to be honest, it’s kind of fun! I’m safe and I can’t go anywhere, so I’m forced to stay home and wait the weather out. My husband and I are making a big pot of chili, and a movie is definitely in our future!

This snow day is also teaching me a few things:

1. Perspective changes everything. I loved blizzards as a kid, but when I entered adulthood they became annoying because they made me miss something I felt was important. As a parent of young children, I didn’t love my kids being out of school nearly as much as they did! The days sometimes became very long with the kids under my feet.

As I’ve matured, however, I’ve learned all over again that snow days really can be fun…if we change our perspective. Bottom line is, the weather is going to come whether we want it to or not. The way we handle it and think about it makes all the difference.

2. Don’t take the simple things for granted. As I watched the wind and snow pick up early this morning, I instantly thanked God for the warmth and shelter that I am blessed with. I thought about homeless people and was prompted to pray that they had found a safe place before the storm started. I don’t thank God enough for simple things like food and shelter, so it’s good when things like blizzards remind me to do that.

3. Worry and stress can act like blizzards in our souls. If I wasn’t familiar with my surroundings, I would have no idea how many houses are around me because I can barely see them right now through the blowing snow. When the wind really picks up, I can’t see them at all. The houses are totally blocked from view.

It’s like that in our souls when we let worry and stress swirl and twirl in our thoughts like a blizzard. We lose sight of where we are and what’s around us. We may have blessings waiting right in front of us, but the thoughts blowing around inside our brains block them from view. We are unable to see them and can be frozen in place, unable to move, just like we are when we are forced to stay put in a blizzard.

When the winds die down and the snow stops, the houses will be right there in plain sight. Truth is, they haven’t really moved. When we let go of the worry and stress and don’t let it continue to blow around in our minds, things become clear again. God’s will and plan for our lives is still there. He hasn’t gone anywhere!

Kind of heavy stuff, I know, for a snow day, but I hope it helps you on your journey.

I hope you enjoyed the Snow Day!

Hugs and love,


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